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AJY Paper Pulp Pump

AJY pulp pumps are horizontal, single-flow, single-entry centrifugal pumps. The durability and effectiveness of AJY pulp pumps are exceptional. AJY pulp pumps are used in the pulp and paper industry to transfer liquid-solid combinations (fibrous materials).
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AJY Paper/Sugar Pulp Pump

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pulp pump application

Pulp Pump Application

Paper Industry: Suitable for transfer paper pulp concentration max to 6%, and liquid cycle transmission during base recovery processing, for lifting and pressing.
Sugar Industry: Suitable for transfer syrup max to 4%, and viscosity max 150 mm2/S.
Urban Sewage Treatment, Suitable for transfer sewage, waste water, for lifting and pressing
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Pulp Pump Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pulp Pump?

A pulp pump, also known as a slurry pump, is a specialized device designed to handle high-density slurries or pulps. It is primarily used in the paper and pulp industry, where it plays a crucial role in transporting pulp, which is a mixture of fibers and water. The pump is responsible for moving the pulp from one stage of the manufacturing process to another, ensuring a continuous flow of materials.

Functions of a Pulp Pump

The main function of a pulp pump is to transfer pulp from one location to another within a paper mill. The pump ensures that the pulp is moved at a controlled rate, preventing any disruptions or blockages in the production line.Additionally, pulp pumps are designed to handle high-density slurries. They are equipped with robust impellers and casings that can withstand the abrasive nature of the pulp.

Efficiency: The Backbone of Success

Pulp pumps are specifically designed to carry pulp while maintaining a steady and uninterrupted flow. These pumps can withstand the demanding nature of pulp transportation, even under adverse operating conditions, thanks to their robust construction and clever design. These pumps are designed to handle high solids content pulp, which is critical for maintaining the proper pulp consistency throughout the manufacturing process. 

A Cost-Saving Advantage

Downtime can have a substantial influence on an industrial process's overall productivity and profitability. With their dependable performance and low maintenance needs, pulp pumps help to save downtime and keep the production line operating smoothly.These pumps' unique design, which incorporates wear-resistant materials and innovative sealing mechanisms, ensures a longer service life and avoids the need for regular maintenance or replacement.
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