OEM Pump Parts

The real manufacturer with the foundry, OEM spare parts for our pumps and other brands

OEM spare parts for our pumps and other brands

We can do large size pumps, small size castings, precision casting, OEM, ODM, etc.
The factory can cast various materials: stainless steel/duplex steel/high chromium/rubber/copper/gray iron/ductile iron, and there are molds and processes of corresponding materials.
Our company undertakes customized processing services (OEM) with drawings and samples. At present, we have cooperated with many foreign companies to provide wear-resistant castings for customers at home and abroad.

We offer a full range of spare parts and components list

Casing cover
Bearing support
Bearing frame
Bearing cover
Shaft sleeve
Bearing sleeve
Bearing bush
Interstage diaphragm
Auxiliary impeller
Stuffing box
Seal cage
Water seal cage
Gland cover
Mechanical seal
Mechanical seal cover
Diaphragm coupling
Coupling guard
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