AWN Dredger Pump

The AWN slurry pump for dredgers is single stage single suction, horizontal cantilevered centrifugal pump. 
specially designed for mud, sand dredging application in rivers or seas. 
Robust structure design with front disassemble way guarantees its extra-long work-life and easy maintenance.
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 Dredger pump specification

Capacities: up to 25000 m³/h
Head: up to 75 m
Discharge: up to 40 inch
HP: up to 1500kw

 Dredger pump material

The frame plate and the cover plate are made of high chrome anti-abrasive white cast iron. 
Wet parts like Impeller, volute liner, front liner, and black liner are made of strong wear-resistant alloy cast iron or wear-resisting alloy steel. 
The wet parts material could be changed according to the user's requirement.

 Dredger pump feature

The whole construction is suitable for dredging Ship
200AWN~500AWN type a single shell structure
600AWN~1000AWN is a double-shell structure to satisfy heavy-duty dredging work.
Easy disassembly and installation, convenient maintenance
Good NPSH, strong through-put capability
Pump adaptive in the change of discharge distance.
Excellent anti-wear performance, long service of wet parts
Drive Type: Generally use belt-driven or Gear transmission

 Dredger pump application

The AWN Dredger Pump is mainly used for trailing suction hopper dredger and cutter suction dredger also could be used for river sand excavation and dredger for mining.
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