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non-clogging submersible sewage pump

The pump is integrated with the motor and works completely submerged in the liquid, suitable for conveying different corrosive media without clogging
The sewage pump adopts a mechanical seal, and the motor adopts a dry-type waterproof motor with an insulation class of F and protection class IP68


Capacities: up to 3000 m³/h
Head: up to 60 m
Discharge: up to 24 inch
HP: up to 200kw


Squirrel-cage, induction motors are F class insulation, and motor protection grade is IP68.

Non-clog impeller

Non-Clog impeller is designed to allow sizable spherical solids to pass the flow passage easily without clogging.

Mechanical seal

The mechanical seals protect the motor from contacting the pumping liquids. Two seals are in series with each other and individually work

Sewage Pump Application

Wastewater drainage in a residential area
Drain system for municipal sewage plant
Wastewater drainage in hospitals and hotels
Wastewater lift station
Building wastewater treatment system
Animal & poultry farm wastewater treatment system
Wastewater Discharge from Factory and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems
Water purification system

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