Centrifugal Slurry Pump

Whether on the surface or underground, mining operations require highly engineered and reliable pumping equipment, our centrifugal slurry pump pumping highly abrasive slurries wherever iron, copper, gold, silver, nickel, and all other ores and minerals are mined
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AnPump Guaranteed Slurry Pumps

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An Pump Machinery manufactures various of heavy duty slurry pumps that can help you solve any handling solids slurry pumping problem

Horizontal Slurry Pump

Capacities: up to 5000 m³/h
Head: up to 99 m
Discharge: up to 14 inch
HP: up to 1200kw
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Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

Capacities: up to 5000 m³/h
Head: up to 99 m
Discharge: up to 14 inch
HP: up to 1200kw
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heavy duty slurry pump

Semi-submersible Slurry Pump

Capacities: up to 1500 m³/h
Head: up to 40 m
Discharge: up to 12 inch
HP: up to 250 kw
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Submersible Slurry Pump

Capacities: up to 2400 m³/h
Head: up to 80 m
Discharge: up to 16 inch
HP: up to 200kw
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QSZ submersible sewage pump

Slurry Pump Appliacations


Mill discharge, mine dewatering, tailings pipelines, mineral processing, mine backfill


Fly ash handling, bottom ash handling, gypsum slurries


Moving chemicals and solids like lime slurries, catalyst recovery and carbon transfer


Handling sludge, residuals pumping, plant slurries

Pulp and paper

Pumping waste solids, moving thick pulps and slurries with wood fibers


Sediment dredging, environmental cleanup, inland dredging

Oil sands

Bitumen transfer, separation of oil, sand and water


Moving waste pickle liquor, scale removal, recycling furnace slag.

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We are trusted by over 5,687 users all around the world

A Stellar Experience With AnPump's Slurry Pump.
"We've been using slurry pumps from AnPump for over 5 years at our copper mine in Chile. The heavy duty construction stands up to our abrasive slurries and the efficient design reduces downtime. I highly recommend them for any mining application."
Mining Engineer, Chile
"Our team searched extensively to find the right slurry pump for our coal washing plant in Australia. AnPump's custom solution is ideal - durable impeller and casing design to handle the coal slimes flawlessly"
Plant Engineer, Australia
"Our chemical plant in the US requires smooth transfer of corrosive slurries. We trust AnPump's slurry pumps in our most demanding services - durable, great seal design. Top quality."
Process Engineer, USA
"As a wastewater treatment facility in Germany, we need reliable pumps that can handle tough sludge. AnPump's slurry pumps are our go-to for moving high solids waste smoothly and preventing clogs. Top-notch equipment"
Plant Manager, Germany
"We pump abrasive cement powder at our plant in India and were having issues with pump wear. AnPump's heavy duty slurry pumps solved our problem - reduced maintenance, increased up-time."
Maintenance Engineer, Indonesia
"As a potash mine in Russia, we rely on AnPump's corrosive duty slurry pumps to handle our brine slurry. The pumps last much longer than other brands in our extremely harsh conditions"
Purchasing Manager, Russia
"At our gold mine in South Africa, we count on AnPump's slurry pumps in our leaching process - tough designs that handle the acidic slurry with minimal wear for years of service."
Metallurgist, South Africa
"We operate a busy paper mill in Canada that requires robust pumping for our pulpy slurries. AnPump's pulp pumps are perfectly designed for our application - powerful, low maintenance, and energy efficient"
Engineer, Canada
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