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Pump parts from An Pump Machinery are interchangeable with the different slurry pumps
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Slurry Pump Parts Manufacturer

An Pump Machinery could manufacture high chrome slurry pump parts and rubber slurry pump parts fully compatible with slurry pumps from different companies
OEM slurry pump spare parts for our pumps and other brands

An Pump Machinery Slurry Pump Parts Production Line

Full set of production process, complete production line. An Pump Machinery Pump Parts is under strict quality control from the raw materials to the whole pump performance test by our QC&QA team with their years of experience

Spare Slurry Pump Parts

Usually, our delivery time is about 25 days, but sufficient inventory ensures that we can provide the best quality products in the shortest time when customers need them urgently
Impeller: The impeller is the core part of the slurry pump accessories
Volute casing
Throat bush
Bearing Assembly:The bearing assembly belongs to the rotating part of the slurry pump, and mainly consists of shafts, bearing box, bearings, sleeves, rings and other parts.
Water seal cage
Cover plate liner
Casing cover

Slurry pump key points

Head, Flow capacity, Materials of the wet parts, Installed methods

Slurry pump warranty

12 months since operation or 18 months since factory dispatch

Slurry pump lead time

Usually, our delivery time is about 25 days

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